Glow from the Inside Out

1 mg B12 INJECTION ($25)

1000 mcg B-12 booster for cellular energy production. Easy and simple.

2 mg B12 injection ($50)

2000 mcg B-12 booster for even more cellular energy.

Metabolic INJECTION ($25)

Methionine, inositol, choline, L-carnitine, and B Complex. Classic amino acid and vitamin formulation to help promote fat metabolism and support detoxification pathways.

 Adrenal injection 1 ($25)

B-complex, Dexpanthenol, & B-12 to support energy and nourish adrenals, especially during high-stress situations. Think of this as your adaptogenic vitamin shot.

Adrenal injection 2 ($50)

All the same nutrients as Adrenal Injection 1, but with added Taurine for even greater relaxation support during those uber-high stressful occasions.

Beauty Injection ($50)

Glutathione, Biotin, & B-complex to naturally support skin health and optimize protein use for healthier skin.