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Redondo Beach, California

Dr. Amber

Naturopathic Doctor

Women's Holistic Medicine


An Healing Engagement

The Holistically Healing Hormones Experience

The journey to holistically healing hormones isn’t a single office appointment solution to solve symptoms. It’s a powerful deeper, long-term practitioner-patient relationship that supports the individual in living a more satisfying life — starting with supporting the physiology to detoxify.

This is a tribe of women moving towards more intentional choices about what we put on our skin, how we consciously consume and create our lifestyle habits. What unifies us is our love for encouraging our community in getting outdoors, choosing vibrant organic foods, and finding a deeper spiritual connection. Find out more


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June 29th, 2019 from 1-2pm

Holistic Medicine Hacks for Better Athletic Performance and Recovery

S-Club Fitness in Manhattan Beach, CA

The physician, even though he has his doubts, must always make the patient believe that he will recover, for the state of the body is linked to the state of the mind.

— Al-Razi year of 925