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Peptides We Offer

Peptides for Longevity

GHRH and GH agonists peptides promote youthful cellular repair and renewal.

Epithalon (also known as Epitalon or Epithalone) is the synthetic version of the polypeptide Epithalamin which is naturally produced in humans.

Restores and normalizes melatonin levels in older patients who have lost some pineal function due to aging

  • Has been shown to lengthen telomeres in human cells MOA: activating telomerase. 

  • Reduces lipid oxidation and ROS, along with normalizing T cell function.

  • Normalize cholesterol and uric acid, along with prolactin levels. Has shown promise in restoring pancreatic hormone function.

  • Regulates metabolism in the epiphysis,  normalize the function of the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary, regulate the levels of gonadotropins.

Better Athletic Recovery

GH releasing peptides for muscle protein synthesis and improved recovery.

MKK-677 for improved athletic performance and recovery. For more research on MKK-677, click HERE.

BPC-157 for connective tissue function and leaky gut repair.

For more research on BPC, click HERE.

Promoting Hair Growth and Preventing Hair Greying

Zinc Thymulin


Melanotan II


Skin Health, Skin Tanning and UV protection

Melanotan II


GH agonists like CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin promote improved skin repair.

Gut Health Peptides

BPC-157 helps in healing intestinal permeability found in leaky gut.

LL-37 helps with SIBO, gas, bloating and gut pathogens like parasites and giardia.


What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide Therapy is the use of peptides for aesthetics, athletic performance,

Some of the improved athletic recovery, muscle building, growth hormone stimulation, skin tanning and UV protection

Therapy Vs. Treatment: A therapy helps the body to perform it’s function BETTER. A treatment alters the natural physiology or introduces a non-biological substance to affect change.

How do peptides work?

Peptides are recognized by the body as highly specific gene switches. In other words, they interact with DNA to signal protein synthesis that leads to repair and care for many body tissues and glands. They are known as peptide bioregulators.

This truly has revolutionary consequences, particularly as the understanding of what specific genes in a highly specific manner, it therefore presents an incredible opportunity to use them- to bring precision into all our health regimes. At the very least peptide bioregulators represent antiaging medicine at its best; some physicians are even suggesting that using short-chain peptides could be as effective as biodentical hormone therapies, but without their side-effects and contradictions. The 'peptide biomarker revolution' will describe this topic to you, so that you can be ready to take advantage of the next wave in health, aging and longevity.

Are there any side effects?

Because our body naturally produces peptides and we are just increasing the number of them, there are very few side effects. Most peptides have no side effects There are a few specific ones that have side effects, such as melanotan that can cause flushing,

Peptides have been growing in awareness the last few years. It started in the underground fitness world, made it’s way to the biohacking world and now is in the medical world. Ben Greenfield has had several podcasts on peptides HERE.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M has had growing numbers of speakers on peptides the last few years. They are becoming a mainstay among medical practitioners who are forward thinking about anti-aging and longevity.

How come my doctor doesn’t know about these peptides?

The peptides we recommend are from a sterilized compounding pharmacy in the USA who has strict HPL-C testing. We can ensure purity and efficacy of everything we send you. The peptides you order online from a non-Rx are made in China and there have been studies that show the effective dose on the label is less than what’s in the bottle. When it comes to ingesting or injecting something into your body that changes your biochemistry, you simply can’t short cut on the quality and assurance of it’s purity.

What’s the difference between the peptides you recommend and the ones on Amazon or other website?

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Best Books to Read

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