Naturopathic Consult

Establishing Care Visit: 60 MINUTES $300

The first intake is an in-depth exploration of your symptoms, past medical history, family history, habits, and dietary patterns. Dr. Amber will ask many questions that your regular doctor usually does not since she wants to truly understand the determinants of your health and well-being; what barriers to health you might have; and if there are any underlying mental-emotional issues exacerbating your physicality.

Dr. Amber will also perform any necessary diagnostic physical exams and look over any labs from past practitioners that you may have brought to get a better picture of your current state of wellness. Once she gathers the necessary information, Dr. Amber will formulate an individualized treatment for you using a combination of naturopathic modalities. She may also recommend additional essential lab work or more-advanced lab work to get a fuller picture of your current state of health.


Follow Up•Lab Review

Continuing Care Visit: 30 MINUTES $150

Follow-up visits usually comprise of checking on the efficacy of the last treatment plan in the last visit.  If results from ordered lab work are available, Dr. Amber will interpret the results for you and may change treatment to better align your treatment towards creating wellness.

Dr. Amber may also perform diagnostic physical exams to assess efficacy of the last treatment plan. Modified treatment plans may be prescribed at the end of the visit.

Phone consultation: 30 MINUTES $150

Phone consultations are only for those who have completed an in-office initial intake with Dr. Amber. Dr. Amber will not provide any sensitive information (Detailed Lab Results) over the phone. Sensitive information provided only in-office.


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