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Changing your life through changing your health
— - Dr. Amber, Naturopathic Doctor and Founder
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I’m Dr. Amber, a Naturopathic Doctor in Los Angeles, California.

I specialize in women’s health, hormone testing and treatment, regenerative medicine and the use of therapeutic peptides.

I am the founder and creator of PeptideRx, which is a robust program designed for patient ease-of-access in seeing a functional doctor virtually, and getting their Rx treatment shipped to their front door.

Medicine can be complex. I make it simpler for you to get the care you need!

Book a Consult today to spend less time at the doctor and more time creating your robust healthy life from your home or office.

More on my training and background in medicine:

Since 2017, Dr. Amber has been a member of MindShare an esteemed business network created by JJ VIrgin, based in San Diego. To give back of her knowledge, she also serves as a Professional TA at Bastyr University teaching IV therapy classes to students. Apart of her passion is formulating new products for medical use. As so, Dr. Amber is serves as a Chief Science Officer (CSO) and medical advisor to Culture For Good, a company that is creating medical-grade, therapeutically dosed CBD products for skincare and internal use. She offers consults on CBD and emphasizes therapeutic dosing.

Regenerative medicine also became a passion during medical training. She has trained with some of the top doctors in the field of regenerative medicine such as Dr. Matthew Caviola and Dr. Tyna Moore. She's had every major joint in her body injected with prolotherapy, administered PRP intrarticularly and using a PRP facial rejuvenation pen. 

Dr. Amber uses a unique, personalized medicine approach with her patients. She views each patient as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms and diagnoses. The human body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the right circumstances. Dr. Amber uses a blend of naturopathic treatments to facilitate robust health including nutritional counseling, targeted supplementation, detoxification, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, intramuscular injections, and intravenous (IV) therapy. She welcomes men and women of all ages into her practice. Dr. Amber has a passion for teaching and takes her time to ensure that each patients fully understands her approach and the treatment plans. Her areas of expertise include anxiety, ADHD, skin conditions, migraines, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances, and allergic conditions of all kinds.

Dr. Amber resides in beautiful Redondo Beach, California near the ocean and boardwalk. Her hobbies include playing guitar and singing, weight lifting sessions, cooking healthy meals, enjoying the ocean, and spending time with family and friends. To learn more about her, visit her Instagram page here.


Peptide Rx

Peptide-focused Holistic Medical Consultations

During your initial 30-minute consult with a licensed doctor, we go over your symptoms, basic diet history, current supplements, use of medications and past health history. You will receive an initial email with a short questionnaire to fill out prior to this appointment. We then book a virtual meeting at your convenience.

We will discuss the best peptides or peptide package(s) for you, cover dosing instructions, answer any questions and then ship everything you need for supplies to your doorstep in a few days.

Viola! Start your journey to enhanced recovery, longevity and cellular resilience.


Perfecting Health with Peptide Packages

Designed to address Prime Health Concerns

The peptide packages are designed to address specific points of health. The packages we offer:

  1. Skin Health Package

  2. Optimal Athletic Recovery Package

  3. Gut Health Package

  4. Brain Health + Sleep Package

  5. Fat Loss + Aesthetic Package



All-Inclusive Peptide Packages

We set you up for success

Here’s whats included:

  • Two 30-minute consults with your doctor.

  • An Rx to a made in the USA, accredited compounding pharmacy.

  • The 2-3 most recommended peptides for you, shipped to your door on ice (if require refrigeration). We can create “stacks” of peptides that are synergistic together!

  • Expedited shipping and injection supplies (insulin syringes, alcohol swabs etc.) are covered and included.

  • FREE PDF of The Peptide Playbook, which is a user-guide, detailing the research (this is a juicy read!).

  • Exclusive access to the Peptide Playbook Private facebook group to discuss questions and connect with other therapeutic peptide users.


Less Doctor Office Visits

Time Freedom = Greater Health

We believe in freedom from commuting to your doctors office, sitting and waiting in line to see your practitioner. More time freedom creates more life freedom to spend on your health i.e. exercising, cooking, learning and reading, or playing with your kids. There’s nothing more empowering than that!


Personal Access to Doctors and Staff

We’re rooting for you

If you have questions for our staff, we are available to answer them over email or phone. We will support you on the way to your most vibrant health through the use of therapeutic peptides.


What is Peptide Therapy?

A new revolution in healthcare has begun to take place. It is the understanding that short-chain peptides, of the types found in different food groups, are recognized by the body as highly specific gene switches. In other words, they interact with DNA to signal protein synthesis that leads to repair and care for many body tissues and glands. They are known as peptide bioregulators.


This truly has revolutionary consequences, particularly as the understanding of what specific genes in a highly specific manner, it therefore presents an incredible opportunity to use them- to bring precision into all our health regimes.

At the very least peptide bioregulators represent anti-aging medicine at its best; some physicians are even suggesting that using short-chain peptides could be as effective as bio-dentical hormone therapies, but without their side-effects and contradictions. The 'peptide biomarker revolution' will describe this topic to you, so that you can be ready to take advantage of the next wave in health, aging and longevity.


Goals of Peptide Therapy

01.Maintain a state of homeostasis in a cell

  • Peptides are a natural signaling agent made up of amino acids, sequences, and chains.

  • Reproduces what the body already knows to do in signaling, neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes.

02. Improve current Chronic Disease Parameters

  • Recognizing a focus in cellular health is a critical focus for preventing disease, we use peptides to promote healthy cellular signaling.

  • Using peptides to impact signaling in neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, autoimmune dysfunction and more.

03. Impacting genetic signaling through peptides

  • Peptides are not new; what's new is the ability to hold the peptide in the system and pinpoint the synthesis in the cells.

  • We can find the pathways involved in cellular progression, and change it by isolating the signaling agents that aren't working and induce it using a peptide

04. Improving Health Parameters in Longevity and improved lifespan

  • Cells have different receptors to detect problems (infection, environmental stressor, etc.)

  • Certain peptides can naturally upregulate cellular autophagy or direct cell senescence, thus slowing down the aging process.


My Office On the Beach

Dr. Amber, ND at Holistic Hormone Clinic

1612 South Catalina Ave
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

1 block from the ocean, you can feel the breeze!


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